Work History:

EdgeFlow, LLC. 
App Developer/Art/Consultant/Company Owner & Founder
Apps iOS: Vanity, Behold, Luxury Camping VR App, Face Mod Suite Apps, & iMessage stickers
Burlingame, California 
(April 2016 – Current)

*Details & responsibilities:

  • Vanity – Created a solution for measuring the golden ratio within facial features using a smart phone. It was considered to be the World’s first face rating app and covered by the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, ELLE Magazine and more…
  • Behold – Created a photo editor app that allows users to edit photos, try on various makeup, hairstyles, & contouring techniques.
  • Lux Camping VR scene – Created all aspects of VR scene which Epic Games featured on all UNREAL social media sites. I also wrote a making-of-post-mortem that was published on 80.LV.
  • Face Mod Suite – Created a suite of five iOS apps that allow users to manipulate faces to display various emotions.
  • iMessage stickers – Created multiple 2D character designs and Emoji  to be displayed as digital stickers in mobile chat sessions.

Fenderhawk, Inc. 

App Developer/Art/Designer/Company Owner & Founder
App/Hardware : Smart automotive security cam and parking assistant. (
Burlingame, California 
(April 2015 – Current)

*Details & responsibilities – Worked as a product manager, designer and developer to develop a new automotive hardware product from idea to final version & to secure a patent with funding for the first production run. I worked with one hardware engineer to help develop the prototypes.

Zupa, Inc. 
App Developer/Art/Designer/Company Owner & Founder
App : ZUPA! Instagram meets eBay, a mobile commerce app for iOS (
San Bruno, California 
(April 2013 – Current)

*Details & responsibilities – After not being able to find a good solution for buying & selling used items online I decide to create one. I am responsible for the design, development, launch, and support for the iOS app Zupa! I outsourced the code work.

Activision Blizzard, Inc. Sledgehammer Games 
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Modern Warfare 3, & Current COD title (2017)
Sr. Environment Artist (incl. env./weapons/props/textures)
Sledgehammer Games
Foster City, California 
(Feb 2011 – April 2016)

*Details & responsibilities – Take game worlds from concept to final completion. Responsibilities include: 3d/2d art creation ( Real-time world building and props, textures, and materials) Discover and implement new methods of rendering high fidelity real-time images at 60 frames per second. Scheduling, troubleshooting and bug fixing were also part of my daily responsibilities. Work with the art director, designers, and other team members to achieve the desired visual goal.

Crisis 2 
Sr. Environment Artist
Crytek HQ 
Frankfurt, Germany 
(July 2009 – Feb 2011)

*Responsibilities- I was responsible for helping to realize the virtual spaces that the game took place in. I took levels that were blocked out in Sketch-up by a designer and crafted final models and environments in 3dsMax. I was also responsible for modeling and texturing the environments, models, and props seen in the portfolio section.

Electronic Arts
Dead Space
Sr. Environment Artist/ Vehicle Artist/ Weapon Artist
Redwood Shores Parkway 
Redwood City, CA
(Nov 2005 – Nov 2008)

*Responsibilities – First, during pre-production, with help from two other artist we created a naming convention for the game, a wiki page, and a list of best practices with resources for other artist to follow during development of the game. We then modeled and textured a v-slice demo. During development I was the deck lead for chapters 2 and chapter 5, I was responsible for helping to create a paper map, blocking out a ‘logic’ pass to help realize the spaces and also split the levels up into chunks other artists could work on. I was also responsible for modeling and texturing the environments, models, and props seen in the portfolio section. I was also in charge of shader pipeline development with R&D.

Electronic Arts
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
Lead Structure Artist / Environmental course artist
Redwood Shores Parkway 
Redwood City, CA 

*Responsibilities- Build and textures all the structures on the courses based on photographs and concept art while training Jr. artists on the pipeline.

Electronic Arts
James Bond; From Russia With Love
Environment artist/Vehicles/ Primary object modeler.
Redwood Shores Parkway 
Redwood City, CA 

*responsibilities- Create models, textures, props, vehicles, and environments for the final level, and the vertical slice.

America’s Army (PC): (April 2003 – March. 2005) 
America’s Army PC Game
Model and texture artist.
MOVES Institute NPS
Monterey, CA 93940 

*Responsibilities – My primary responsibilities were creating models and texturing static meshes for environments, along with vehicles and first person weapons.

Technical Skills

Maya • 3DSMax • Mudbox • Z-Brush • PhotoScan • Unreal • CryEngine • Substance Painter/Designer • World Machine • Mari • X-Normal • CrazyBump • Photoshop • Sketch • Adobe Premiere • Adobe Illustrator • Dreamweaver • After Effects • WordPress • XCode • SpeedTree • FCP • Mac/PC • Perforce

Artistic Skills
Strong focus on traditional skills and the fundamental elements of design across mediums.


  • 3D modeling (Real-time, VR, or Pre-rendered) 
  • Realistic or stylized
  • World building, weapons, vehicles, character work, and Props
  • Unreal Editor and Unreal shader network 
  • 8 year App development experience with over 1 million downloads
  • Radiant Editor (Call of Duty)
  • Lighting and color theory 
  • Traditional 2D illustration 
  • Concept art 
  • Console and PC development experience
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively and efficiently, within a group, lead, or as an individual, in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Ability to create refined art assets that are optimized for performance
  • The ability to grasp new concepts & learn new software and techniques quickly.
  • Website Design 


1998 – 2002 Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA Computer Art BFA, Cum Laude
2005 Z-Brush advanced Modeling course by Electronic Arts.
2005 Advanced Lighting and Modeling techniques by Electronic Arts.
2000 Maya certified training in character animation by Alias|Wavefront. 

Achievements, Exhibitions & Awards 
U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Pending for Fenderhawk
Call of Duty has received numerous art awards.
Crisis2 has received numerous art awards.
Created Vanity, the world’s first face rating app, covered by The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, ELLE Magazine, & more… 
Founder and inventor of the car camera Fenderhawk
Co-founded Zupa, Inc. and created the shopping app Zupa! (
Dead Space ” Action Game of the Year.” AIAS annual Awards 2009
America’s army has received numerous awards; some are listed on the website.
Inducted into The National Creative Society. April 22, 1998 

Interests and activities
All things creative, creating short films, photography, script writing, gaming, drawing3D/2D motion graphics, music creation, basketball, travelling, entrepreneurship, paintball/Air soft, and numerous other activities. 


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