CrunchTime for the iphone


17 November 2014 |

*Currently Filming.

A Short Sci-fi Film filmed with a Canon 5D MarkII DSLR Camera in 48 hours. Edited with Final Cut Pro.


Coming Soon!


Fenderhawk Video

12 Jun 2008 |

Here's a video interview/promo piece filmed by SeeBokeh with me explaining why every vehicle on the road needs Fenderhawk.

Fenderhawk was created with one simple idea in mind: to make the roads a safer place for drivers and the cars they love. To achieve this we have crafted a camera system with smart sensors that empowers you to keep your vehicle safe, secure, and dent free - all controlled through your mobile device.

Street Racers

12 Jun 2008 |

It's got to be the shoes!

This short was the first time I used my M2 and Dvx100a and I have to say she performed lovely. I switched between 28mm, 55mm, and 135mm Nikkor lenses during the 4.5 hour shoot.

CrunchTime for the iphone

iPhone App - CrunchTime™

17 November 2010 |

*click the picture to the left for a video example.

A Short film I made inspired by the app CrunchTime. Filmed with a Canon 5D MarkII DSLR Camera in 13 hours. Edited with Final Cut Pro.


[ CrunchTime™ is available via the iTunes App Store for $0.99]

Ghost in the Shell (real time.)

17 Apr 2009 |

A short video created in the Unreal Engine by using FRAPS to record camera movements in the environment. The scene is inspired by the classic Animation Ghost in the shell.


The environment was modeled in Maya, imported into the Unreal Engine where textures, lighting, and shaders were applied. Camera motions were created by attaching my xbox controller to my computer. Editing was done in Premiere and After effects for the start and end credits


Tight Jeans (Xbox)

17 Apr 2009 |

Life is better with Achievements!


17 Apr 2009 |

Inspired by the song Aviva Pastoral, Nova is a short story about a woeful girl ( Nicole Ramsey) coping with a serious loss and finding closure by looking to the new life that soon will be a part of her bright future.

Shot as a prelude to a longer film, Nova was filmed using a Dvx100a & with an M2 adapter with an assortment of Nikon lenses. Not only does the short serve as a prelude to longer piece but also as a way to test out new techniques with lighting & equipment.

The Runaways

17 Apr 2009 |

This music short was based on a dream I had after hearing a song by the group Runaways Uk. It was never completed but here's a compilation of some of the footage.