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Release date: Nov 22, 2010

$0.99 (promo price), App Store link


Are you one of those people who think 24 hours is too short for one day? 

Get knowledge of how your time is really spent and improve your overall quality of life with CrunchTime, the most comprehensive overtime tracking app available! It just takes a minute to setup and change your life. Get this app, get your social life back, and do the things that make you happy!

CrunchTime has been developed to help improve quality of life for anyone who has a job! If it can save you even one hour of overtime and give you more time for the things you love to do, it's worth it! Just add a new project and let the application track your work and overtime hours and guide you to your goal of having a perfect work-life balance! 

CrunchTime was created to be simple to use and at the same time offer many amazing features that you'll want to use every day. The application features are divided into 9 parts easily accessed within seconds of launching the app: Charts, Profile, Friends, Time Card, Stats, Export, Inbox, Resources, and Health. 

Advantages that you won’t find in any other app:

•The only overtime tracker with a friends list!
•Track multiple projects & jobs at the same time.
•Add friends & colleagues, see who's working overtime.
•Send & receive messages between friends.
•Track regular hours, sleep hours, overtime hours, mood, weight, vacation hours, & more.
•Receive achievement badges when you accomplish your goals.
•Export your work hours data to a .PDF file.

Join the large CrunchTime community with this powerful tool! Enjoy your newly found free time!

Press release

Achieve a Perfect Work-Life Balance with CrunchTime

San Francisco, California – Tav Shande is pleased to announce his new app called CrunchTime. This application enables millions of iPhone and iPod touch users worldwide to set work-life balance goals and gain achievement badges while tracking work hours, health, vacation hours, and more - all while staying connected with family, friends, and colleagues.

“Crunching” or working extremely long hours has become a global epidemic in the workplace. In Japan they call it karoshi and in China it is guolaosi. Workers in the United States are putting in more hours than anyone else in the industrialized world. Currently there is no word in English for working yourself to death, but as more and more people suffer from the stress of longer hours there may soon be one.

CrunchTime for iPhone will open up new ways for more than 42 million iPhone iOS device users to stay connected and set work-life balance goals while tracking their work hours resulting in better knowledge of how their time is really spent and improving their overall quality of life. CrunchTime for iPhone is an experience that offers the same simplicity, ease-of use and quality our users have come to expect from, combined with an elegant design and innovation so loved by Apple's many customers worldwide.


● Receive achievement badges when you set and accomplish your work–life balance goals.
● Track regular hours, sleep hours, overtime hours, mood, weight, vacation hours, & more.
● Send/receive messages to/from individuals via 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS or EDGE.
● Add friends & colleagues, see who's working overtime.
● Export your work hours data to a .PDF file.
● Track multiple projects and jobs at the same time.

“CrunchTime has been developed to help improve quality of life for anyone who has a job. Many employees would like to have more time outside of work to do the things that make them happy and we are delighted to deliver help by putting CrunchTime into the pockets of millions of people around the world who are carrying iPhone and iPod touch devices," said Tav Shande, CrunchTime’s Chief Architect.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
* 2.02 MB

Pricing and Availability:

CrunchTime 1.01 is $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.

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Corporate identity:
Tav Shande started in the game industry in 2003 as a developer for the Army Game Project in California. A few years later, he was building computer games as a developer for EA Redwood Shores on titles such as Dead Space, James Bond 007,Tiger Woods: PGA Tour ‘07. In 2009 he moved to Europe and began working as a developer on Crysis 2 at Crytek. During that time, he has seen many full production cycles as a senior environment artist, prop artist, texture artist, app developer, and vehicle artist for some of the industry's most highly acclaimed franchises. His previous application, Vanity, is recommended by the NY Times.

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