moiMy full name is Tavershima Shande, but I also go by my nickname, Tav. I'm easy to work with, passionate about work, and always eager to learn more. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Computer Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design. There I focused in honing my skills in 3D-animation and modeling, while still practicing my traditional 2D art skills.

I was born in Atlanta, GA, but soon moved with my family to Bahrain in the Middle East, and later we moved to Nigeria in West Africa, where I lived for 8 years. Electricity was a rare commodity there, so we could not use our NES video game system we had bought before moving. At times there was no electricity for months, so my brother and I found other creative ways to pass the time. We created our own games on the back of used calendars by drawing environments and placing cardboard cutout characters in the worlds we had created. This was the beginning of my interest in creating games, characters, and storytelling through any medium possible.

In the fourth grade, I was introduced to low-res and high-res graphics creation on the Apple IIE. Since then I have used the computer as a valuable tool in artistic creation. I moved back to Georgia and attended Darlington High School, then went to S.C.A.D. until I graduated. While I work towards furthering my career, I will continue to do what I enjoy doing: drawing, traveling, writing, video games, sports, 3D work, and enjoying life!